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Monday, June 13, 2011

AU 60 KY 60027

AU 60 KY 60027 Blue Pencil Hen bred and flown by Chas. Heitzman

100-150-330 miles as Y.B. 100-200 miles 1961. She is the mother of Heitzman's Purina Sweepstakes Winner 63064 Silver hen shown on page 60 of Heitzman's SION book, also many other race winners. She is bred from "56361" Blue Pencil Cock, son of "4" Blue, page 43 and "Helen 21078" 1st, 610 mile race. Mother of "60027" is "52456" Strawberry Mealy Hen from Dr. Anderson Pair "25" and "4" Strawberry Mealy Hen Line-bred to Paul Sion's "Le-Rousselet" France 28-517634 shown on page 23 of Heitzman's Sion book. "60027" is a sister to four Strawberry Mealy Cocks "61333", "63032", and "63470", also "3889" Strawberry Cock shown in breeding list featured in The American Racing Pigeon News November 1966 issue.

Picture taken from The American Racing Pigeon News
November 1966

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