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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Intelligent Pigeons

301's Dam, the LEMON EYE HEN was purchased from Chas. Heitzman by Tony Paszterko. This hen was a prisoner, and was placed in a new loft designed to give the birds more space and sun light. The hen got out before Tony had all the security precautions in place, and thought the hen was gone for good. Three days later Charles Heitzman called Tony to say the hen returned to his loft, and asked what Tony would like to do. Tony was unable to travel to Heitzman's loft for a couple of months, so Charlie suggested that he would put the hen in a paper bag, give it a shake, and release the hen. Two days from the day Charlie released the hen, the LEMON EYE HEN sailed into Tony's old Breeding loft. Her flight that week had to have been a minimum 1200 miles. Not bad for a hen that hadn't been out of the loft for two years.