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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Le Petit Dax

"9247", bred by Mons. Paul Sion, Tourcoing, France. Imported by Mr. L. F. Curtis, who said: "9247 bred me several fine racers in 1927," a RCC from him is father of my first Dipl. 80 mile YB winner 1928, 1700 birds competing. "9247" is stud cock of Heitzman Sion pair "G" in his 1932 Sion list.

Mons. Sion says: "9247", called "Le Petit Dax" has won a number of prizes.

1st 400 miles
1st 500 miles
1st 600 miles

He distinguished himself particularly in these races and is moreover an extra producer. He is of Blondeel crossing. "9247" "Le Petit Dax" Bred and Flown by Mons. Paul Sion. Owned by Chas. Heitzman

Great Sion's of the past ...
Photo taken from Supplement Ad in The American Racing Pigeon News
December 1931