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Friday, December 3, 2010

Holly Springs

"Holly Springs" AU 50 KY 50014 Blue SION Cock

Bred and flown by Chas. Heitzman. Flown 75-115-150-313 miles. 1st Diploma and Trophy 300 Y. B. 1950, Day of Toss winning average speed. Bred from "14395" Silver Cock and "458" Blue Hen, Daughter of Combine Winner "40016" 1st 500 Day of Toss and "10398" Blue Hen presented to Heitzman by Perras of New Bedford, Mass., from his best 4 original Paul Sions. Both "14395" Silver Cock and "40016" are sons of "Morning Glory" "38084" 1st Dipl. 500 Y.B. race 1938

Great Sion's of the past ...
Picture and information taken from The American Racing Pigeon News, November 1950