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Monday, November 29, 2010

Champion Roux

Champion Roux Red Chequer Cock France-47-464731

Bred by Robert Sion of Mouvaux, France "Champion of Champions" winner of  many prizes including 1st Angerville, 2nd Angouleme, 1st Chatellerault, 13th Orleans, 5th Angouleme etc. 464731 bred from Robert Sion's great Male Gris France-44-46105 and 3243 one of the great Paul Sion stock hens. 46105 bred from Paul Sion's 339445 Gris Male and 481847 Grise Hen, 339445 from the World famous "ROUX MACOT" 27-327684 Paul Sions greatest ACE.

464731 is one of the seven reference birds from a draft of Sions brought in by Parkwood Lofts, Bellflower, California in the mid 1960's

Picture taken from Racing Pigeon International
December 1965

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