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Saturday, February 27, 2010

1963 Big All American Awards

email received 02/26/2010
Dear Mr.Taylor,

My name is Brandon _ _ _ _ _ _ _. I was browsing your website and I saw the picture you had of Earnest Givannoni. I was wondering if you had a better picture of him and if so if you might perhaps e-mail it to me. I have some Sion birds myself that trace back to his birds' bloodlines through Silver Dollar, Truckee, and The Checker and I would like to know if you have some older pedigrees for these birds that trace back their lineage. And if you would be willing to e-mail those to me as well.

Yours in sport,
Brandon _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I will take a look for the information requested. Giovannoni's Sions were well sought after by many flyer's in Ontario, and New York State. I'm sure we have a pedigree for "Truckee King" that can be shared with Brandon. However, I'm not sure I can supply a better picture of Ernest Giovannoni than the one published on this Blog site 12/10/2009.
Maybe someone reading this Blog has information or pictures they would like to share?

This picture and write up appear in the Racing Pigeon Bulletin, August 3, 1964

1963 Big All American Awards; Ernest Giovannoni, 2120 Cuttings Wharf Road, Napa, Calif. Winner First Young Birds.

He is 35 years old, married and has two children, Tony and Angila. He has been actively engaged in this sport since 1949. His pigeons are of the Paul Sion family, based on ten birds direct from that loft, plus others from John Mahaffey. He has won nine club young and old bird average speeds in a row. He is also a former All American winner having placed in the 1961 and 1962 selections. His pigeons must prove themselves before they are placed in the stock loft.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tony Paszterko's "Florida Cock"

I was fortunate to receive two sons and one daughter from Tony, direct off his Sion Champion "Florida Cock" AU 86 DBC 300. Bred and raced by Bill Day, 300-400-500-600 mile winner. Sire and Dam are also multiple race winners.

9053 Direct Son of Bill Day's Champion AU 86 DBC 300, when mated to Tony Paszterko's very inbred Heitzman Sion Family

Picture of CHAMPION pigeon flyer, Bill Day, of Holly Hill, Florida as shown in American Racing Pigeon News, February 1990. Day purchased his Lou Curtis - Sion, Bastin, and Stassart families from John Mahaffey of Philadelphia.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Sion Masters

Paul Sion as shown in "The American Racing Pigeon News", March 1953

Robert Sion as shown in "The American Racing Pigeon News", May 1953

Personalities that have made a difference in the world of pigeon racing

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tony Paszterko's 0948 pedigree also includes Champion 'Virgo'

0948's dam is directly off "National Hero", when mated to "Grizlee" Bl Griz GB88V-65134 direct Daughter of two long distance British record holders namely "Lee's Faith" and "Virgo" winner of 1st Combine Thurs 565 miles and 1st National Rennes YB 392 miles.

"Virgo" - Won 1st Open National - Reported by Norman Barrett

Red Griz GB86J-26037 A supreme champion who created a new British record winning 1st Rennes NFC 1986, 392 miles, 6,240 birds, velocity 1,068 ypm. The descendants from "Virgo" are developing into prime examples of long distance racers. 1st prize winners closely descending reported. Her Grand-Daughter was 6th Section "K" 1989 YB National for us. Top 1990 wins reported: 2nd BICC Classic, 31st Open NFC, 9,000 birds. We timed descendants of "Virgo" from three (NFC) National races in 1991 including 3rd clock station, 350 miles (YB) only three on winning day; 4th clock station 600 miles. Ian French, with stock inbred to "Virgo" has had excellent results including 52nd Open NFC 9,341 birds. a Grand-Daughter of "Virgo", a 1988 bred blue hen in our race team is proving to be a very prepotent breeder, offspring in the clock from several NFC races to 600 miles.

"Lee's Faith" - Won 1st Combine 565 miles - Reported by Norman Barrett

Bl Griz GB81P-14679 A true long distance champion whose total performances are exceptional. His wins total 8 individual 1st prizes at every distance including 1st Open Combine Thurso 566 miles, only bird on the day. "Lee's Faith" is Sire and Grand-Sire of winners including a 500 mile Combine winner and a 70 mile Combine winner. A Daughter of "Lee's Faith" bred a hen to win, in 1990, 1st Club, 12th Fed Nevers, 508 miles and 1st Club Folkestone 208 miles for Roy Fletcher of Normanton. We also have won good National prizes with close descendants, see above "Virgo". Grand-Son of "Lee's Faith". "Tamar Supreme", won 6 x 1st prizes prior to and including 1st Open Combine Banff 500 miles. A Grand-Daughter won 1st Open Combine Yeovil 72 miles for Clive Philpott.