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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sam Marshall's - French Cock - AU 55 KY 55010 RCC

TCC Loft was presented with two Grand Daughters of Sam Marshall's "BADDER" in the early 1990's.
CU 89 WW 2179 BBH, Dam to my Raemore winner was presented with her son CU 91 46467 BBC by John Pfeiffer Jr., and CU 89 35540 RCH, a Double Grand Daughter of Badder, Dam to my Daughter's Combine winner was presented by Tony Paszterko. "BADDER" was direct son of Sam's French cock.

French Foundation

Sam Marshall's "FRENCHIE" AU KY 55010 Red Chq Cock, Bred by Chas. Heitzman was responsible for several winners, including Grand Son - "SADDLE COCK" CU 63 32813 BCC, which was CU Champion in 1967. "FRENCHIE" Sire: France 50 217749 Silver Griz Cock, bred and flown 555 miles by Robert Sion from his Champion Vanquer, 46 3099984 Blue. Featured in Chas. Heitzman's Sion book on Page 32. "FRENCHIE" Dam: AU 54 KY 54150 Blue Chq, A perfect Sion specimen. Bred from "54204" Dark Chq Cock and "High Class" AU 48 OKY 383 Gris hen, bred from SHU 46 25 RCC import bred by Paul Sion. 54150 was dam of 8 outstanding birds in Heitzman colony. "54150" featured in Chas. Heitzman's Sion book on Page 36.

Sam Marshall's "Badder" CU 63 32819 RCC and "Butch" CU 63 32810 BCC were full brothers off the FRENCH cock and "1450 Hen" CU 59 1450 BBH

FRANCE 50 217749 Silver Gris Cock, Bred by Robert Sion.

Vanquer 46 3099984 Blue, 2nd Bilbao International. 3,500 birds completing, 1st Chatellerault 315 miles, 2,336 Pigeons, 95th Barcelona 750 miles, 3,329 birds 1950. "Vanquer" is bred from "Le Beau Roux" 37 451680 RCC Paul Sion's best.

"Le Beau Roux" 37 451680 RCC Paul Sion. Sire of Vanquer
54150 BCH Bred by Chas. Heitzman from 50204 Dark Chq cock featured in Heitzman's Sion book on page 36, and "High Class" AU 48 OKY 383 Gris hen

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tony Paszterko and Charles Heitzman

I was going through some old photo albums at Tony's house, and convinced Mary and Tony to lend me some pictures of Tony and Charles Heitzman to share on the Blog. Although not shy, Tony and Mary are private people and I hope they enjoy these reproductions.

Charles Heitzman and Tony Paszterko sitting inside Charlie's famous library.

Charlie was interviewed many times over the years by scribes and writers while sitting on this very swing.

Tony in front of Charlie's breeding loft. Welded-wire had to be installed after a mink came through the dowelling and killed 30 or so pigeons.

Tony in front of Charlie's main racing loft. Note the settling baskets set on top of the loft.

Charlie sent out Christmas cards featuring his CHAMPION Head Wind.

Picture during a late fall visit to Charlies', Left to Right, Ray West, Charles Heitzman, and Tony Paszterko. One picture I regret I can't reproduce is of John Pfeiffer, Tony Paszterko, and Ray West standing on the stairway of Charlie's main racing loft.

Charlie was very proud of his library, and the collection of books and pigeon racing memorabilia contained inside this building.

These two pictures show the range of lofts owned by Charles Heitzman. Lot's of room and flexibility, something Tony adopted at home.

Memorials for Head-Wind, Hurry Home, and Heat-Wave, Charles Heitzman enjoyed using "H" for Heitzman when naming his CHAMPIONS.