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Monday, September 27, 2010

Color Breeding

Chas. Heitzman was able to keep quality feathering in his colony by mating his blues and blacks with red colors, and barred pigeons with checkers. This gave him the deep green and purple sheen on the necks of his pigeons, and also allowed him to accurately sex his pigeons in the nest.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Breeding Old Males With Young Hens

Breeding Old proven cocks with Young hens is not a new concept. Chas Heitzman successfully used this breeding technique, which he said gave his family vigor.

In Champions of the World, Vol. 5, Claudio Giussani States that he takes great pleasure from putting autumn females with his high performance males, especially when the hen's siblings have produced top class performances.

The American Racing Pigeon News, January, 1971, SION article states, "Referring to his methods, M. Paul Sion believed that his best results were obtained from young hens paired to old cocks, as hens are more precocious. He did not do as well with young cocks and old hens. He stopped some of his youngsters at early stages, but some were sent to the long-distance 400 mile events. He rested the 400 mile youngsters as yearlings and these yearling hens were paired to old cocks with excellent results. He did little rearing from old cocks that had been raced extensively."