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Friday, December 31, 2010

"Bon Macot" & "Jeune Macot"

A Father - Son Combination

At the left is shown "Bon Macot" AU-47-B-6060 Red Check Male, bred by the late John Mahaffey, sire and grand sire of over 50 winners. Madrona Lofts houses a half dozen outstanding sons and daughters of this old ACE. He was a grand son of 34-FRANCE-754914 Dark Check, 37-FRANCE-451615 Red Check, 35-FRANCE-833372 Gris and 35-FRANCE-106187 Blue Hen, all bred by Mons. Paul Sion. The last three were all grand children of the great "Rouge Macot", the greatest pigeon Mons. Sion ever bred or flew. Thus Bon Macot descends on three distinct lines from what Mons. Paul Sion called his "higher Champion." This is the famous GRIS blood - the heart of the Sion family.

At the right is shown "Jeune Macot" AU-60-NSH-500 Gris Spl. Black Male. His dam was bred from a daughter of Bon Macot when mated to 46-FRANCE-216340 Blue Check, called "Mon Favori" bred by Mons. Paul Sion from all his best pre-war Gris blood. Thus in this son we have a concentration of the famous  "GRISES" - so difficult to acquire today. He is one of the many such ACES to be found at MADRONA LOFTS, 645 Minahen St., Napa, California.

Picture and write-up taken from The American Racing Pigeon News
July-August 1966

Great Sion's of the past ...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Le Male Gris

One of the outstanding foundation males of the Paul Sion family of "Grises" of MADEONA LOFTS, Napa, California. He is the Sire and Grand Sire of numerous winners for both Madrona Lofts and other fanciers across the country. No better Curtis-Sion than this. He is line-bred to 38-WSC-349 (half) son of the "Falconess" and 28-HAV-4350 blue son of 25-FRANCE-82030 and 24-FRANCE-309110 blue daughter of "Vieu Gris", the heart of Paul Sion's famous GRIS FAMILY.Over a dozen offspring of this fine male are also at stock at MADRONA LOFTS, NAPA, CALIF.

Taken from The American Racing Pigeon News
July-August 1965

Great Sion's of the past ...

Monday, December 13, 2010

France 23 P 181876

"181876" Bred and Flown by Mons. Paul Sion, Tourcoing, France. This hen Flown 100 to 500 miles four times. She is the mother of many prize winners in Mons. Sion's loft.

"181876" was the largest Sion hen in the Heitzman loft in 1931. She is a rare beauty and Paul Sion says "She is a Grand Daughter of "VIEUX GRIS", my famous Racer. Heitzman offered her youngsters for $20.00 each in 1932.

Great Sion's of the past ...
Picture taken from Supplement Ad The American Racing Pigeon News
December 1931

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Intelligent Pigeons

301's Dam, the LEMON EYE HEN was purchased from Chas. Heitzman by Tony Paszterko. This hen was a prisoner, and was placed in a new loft designed to give the birds more space and sun light. The hen got out before Tony had all the security precautions in place, and thought the hen was gone for good. Three days later Charles Heitzman called Tony to say the hen returned to his loft, and asked what Tony would like to do. Tony was unable to travel to Heitzman's loft for a couple of months, so Charlie suggested that he would put the hen in a paper bag, give it a shake, and release the hen. Two days from the day Charlie released the hen, the LEMON EYE HEN sailed into Tony's old Breeding loft. Her flight that week had to have been a minimum 1200 miles. Not bad for a hen that hadn't been out of the loft for two years.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Le Petit Dax

"9247", bred by Mons. Paul Sion, Tourcoing, France. Imported by Mr. L. F. Curtis, who said: "9247 bred me several fine racers in 1927," a RCC from him is father of my first Dipl. 80 mile YB winner 1928, 1700 birds competing. "9247" is stud cock of Heitzman Sion pair "G" in his 1932 Sion list.

Mons. Sion says: "9247", called "Le Petit Dax" has won a number of prizes.

1st 400 miles
1st 500 miles
1st 600 miles

He distinguished himself particularly in these races and is moreover an extra producer. He is of Blondeel crossing. "9247" "Le Petit Dax" Bred and Flown by Mons. Paul Sion. Owned by Chas. Heitzman

Great Sion's of the past ...
Photo taken from Supplement Ad in The American Racing Pigeon News
December 1931

Friday, December 3, 2010

Holly Springs

"Holly Springs" AU 50 KY 50014 Blue SION Cock

Bred and flown by Chas. Heitzman. Flown 75-115-150-313 miles. 1st Diploma and Trophy 300 Y. B. 1950, Day of Toss winning average speed. Bred from "14395" Silver Cock and "458" Blue Hen, Daughter of Combine Winner "40016" 1st 500 Day of Toss and "10398" Blue Hen presented to Heitzman by Perras of New Bedford, Mass., from his best 4 original Paul Sions. Both "14395" Silver Cock and "40016" are sons of "Morning Glory" "38084" 1st Dipl. 500 Y.B. race 1938

Great Sion's of the past ...
Picture and information taken from The American Racing Pigeon News, November 1950