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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fresh Air

Most fanciers, I think, are too much concerned with the weather in regard to their lofts. They object to rain or snow driving in. My lofts  have an entirely open front and the rain drives in, but I never worry about it; a bit of sawdust very soon dries it up. Fresh air is of considerably more importance than a drop of rain. I don't know whether I am right in my surmise, but I think birds which have to roost in a cold loft which is open to the elements, grow better quality feather. Nature provides for this. I have always been a fresh air crank in my own habits and with my pigeons. I think loft construction and equipment can contribute considerably to the success or failure of the birds.

Taken from lofts for Racing Pigeons
by Chas. Heitzman
Fifth revised edition