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Monday, November 1, 2010

Heitzman's 'H' Pair

This common looking pair of SION's is probably responsible for not 100's but 1000's of winners. They are Heitzman's 'H' pair, bred by L. F. Curtis directly out of his Paul Sion imports.

Chas. Heitzman's "RED SION PAIR, "1104" Red Cock and "1033" Red Chequer Hen, frequently referred to as Heitzman's Pair "H" because they were listed as Pair "H" in his 1934 Mating List. "1104" is a Son of "Le Roi" and "Le Reine" (King and Queen). Picture taken from November, 1940, The American Racing Pigeon News.

In 1940 Heitzman wrote " There is hardly a bird in the loft that does not contain the Blood of this noted Sion Pair. Many winners the country over are descendants of this pair".

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