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Monday, November 15, 2010

A Pigeon of a Different Color


AU 57 KY 57124 Red Chequer Cock, Flown 500 miles 6 times. Bred from Chas. Heitzman's AU 53 KY 53044, Twice a 500 mile winner and Grand Daughter of Heitzman's CHAMPION 600 mile Day Bird, AU 41 KY 4346. Chas. Heitzman presented "High-Strung" to Tony Paszterko as a gift, and he finished his days at the Utopia, Ontario Loft. Each year the black markings would increase with every completed moult. In his final year he looked like a Black Chequer. High-Strung is shown in Chas. Heitzman's Sion book on page 47.

Great Sion's of the past ...
Picture taken from Chas. Heitzman Sion book