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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Other SION Specialist in the Picture

Meet the man standing to the the right of Charles Heitzman
in the picture featured on the World of Wings website.

"In 1974, E. Lowell Robbins, Jr. aka "Robbie" or "No Sweat" became the youngest racing pigeon breeder ever to win the National Show in New York; a feat that still remains to this day. In 1978, he won the top three shows in the USA and was the first man ever to do this thus setting a new bar in excellence. Over the years some of the major shows that he has judged have been THE NATIONAL YOUNG BIRD SHOW, THE SOUTHERN RACING PIGEON SHOW, THE SOUTHERN RACING PIGEON--DIXIE SHOW, THE MIDWEST OPEN SHOW, THE LOUISVILLE COMBINE SHOW, THE KENTUCKY STATE FAIR SHOW, THE BELLVILLE, ILLINOIS SHOW, THE CHICAGO COMBINE SHOW, etc. He has been throughout the United States and inside many of its premiere racing lofts. The best racing man he ever knew was Charles Heitzman. In showing, his lifelong friend, Jim Isselhardt was always his best competition. At the National Young Bird Show in Louisville when Douglas McClary from England flew over to judge more than 500 young bird racing homers divided into 18 classes, Robbins won 17 of those classes; Jim Isselhardt won one class that he did not and in that class the judging was extremely "flip a coin" close as was so stated by McClary. This class was the BBYC class in which Robbins placed second. That one BBYC went onto win the show and became one of Jim's favorite show birds of all times, "NATIONAL LEGEND." When Robbins entered THE SRPA SHOW each year throughout the southern states in the USA it was quite arguably the most competitive and prestigious show in all of America. Robbins entered this show seven times and won the show each and every time. No other fancier in the United States has ever replicated this feat. In racing, Robbins dominated his club during the years he flew with them winning average speed every season and never being beaten from any race 300 miles or beyond. Across the USA he set a new money winning record in 1971 in THE TWIN CITY GOLD BAND FUTURITY; he also bred the winners of THE BLACK HAWK FUTURITY, THE CONRAD MAHR FUTURITY, THE WALDO HOTCHKISS FUTURITY, THE LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY FUTURITY, THE CHARLES HEITZMAN MEMORIAL 500 MILE RACE and large races in New Orleans, Cincinnati, New York, etc.. Altogether in his more than 53 years experience with racing pigeons Robbins has accumulated over 800 first places. Today, Robbins is partners with John Hayes in Richmond, Kentucky. They maintain approximately 300 racing homers kept in five lofts. Just last year they had a young bird blue Bar Sion hen that flew 700 miles, setting a new long distance record in Kentucky. This year they have 28 young birds entered in 13 races across America. One of their goals is to fly all of their young birds out to at least 500 miles.

Charles Heitzman & E. L. Robbins, Jr. standing in front of Heitzman's main racing loft

SIONS being sent across North America
2011 RACING SCHEDULE - NO SWEAT LOFT - 28 total Entries in 13 Total Races as follows:

1. Wisconsin. 10 entries in THE 2011 MIDWEST 1 LOFT RACE SERIES. There are three races in this series. 100, 200 and 300 mile races.

2. Arizona, 4 entries in this race. THE 2011 AMERICAN RACING PIGEON UNION CONVENTION RACE, This is a 300 mile race.

3.Arizona. 1 Entry. The 2011 A.U. YOUTH RACE, This is a 200 mile race.

4. Florida. 3 entries in this race. THE 2011 GULF COAST CLASSIC. This is a 300 mile race.

5. Kentucky. 5 entries in this race series. THE 2011 LEXINGTON KENTUCKY 2 LOFT FUTURITY, There are four races in this series: 100, 150, 200, 280 miles.

6, Ohio. 2 Entries this race series. THE 2011 BUCKEYE CHALLENGE RACE. There are two races in this series: 150 and 250 miles.

7, Ohio. 3 Entries in this race series. 2011 Futurity. I believe this is a 300 mile race.

Robbins & Hayes are also considering entering Sions in the 1,000 mile pigeon race to be flown on July 11 with the Lexington and Frankfort, Kentucky clubs.

Intense pigeon handler & Heitzman Sion Specialist, E. Lowell Robbins, Jr. aka "Robbie" or "No Sweat" looks mellow while dining with wife Chesteen.

I'm sure there will be a positive Robbins & Hayes update this fall - Mike Taylor - TCC Loft