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Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Website: “Heitzman Sions”

I’d like to share part of an email I received from Earl Lowell “Robbie” aka “NO SWEAT” Robbins, Jr. that I received today.
“If anyone has not visited my new website, "HEITZMAN SIONS" I hope that you do. It is still VERY MUCH in its early-initial stages of formation and content. But at least it is finally getting some kind of start.
I'm planning on making this a website that will be rather entertaining in the long run, as well as informative. The heart of the new site will deal with my racing pigeons as I hope to show some 1,000 photos of them that I have taken over the past five years, keeping it all somewhat up to date. But I will eventually be getting into the history of Paul Sion and Charles Heitzman , done in a manner that had never been done before; several rare articles never before seen by the public will be showcased, discussed, etc.
In time I hope to have the pedigrees of the birds, their flying records and some short stories regarding them so that their photos become more relevant to you. I will also show how they are bred down --often line bred--to many of the more famous Heitzman Sions.
There are simply no other family of Heitzman Sions in the world left alive today that are excelling at long distances such as these birds. While it is somewhat true that Sions do have some certain recognizable physical characteristics it is also true that there was a great deal of variation in them too. You only need to go back through Heitzman's old Sion book and carefully look at his birds to see this; the same goes for the Sions I am now breeding and flying.
I have extended the website to cut into my own personal life to show that there is another No Sweat beyond just pigeons. As time continues I will be adding much more in this area as well, new categories, etc. You may want to do a monthly check to see the changes.”